Cost – Laser tattoo removal Melbourne. How Much $$$!

Cost – Laser tattoo removal Melbourne ??

Laser tattoo removal cost in Melbourne varies from clinic to clinic. And with tattoo removal available throughout Melbourne at dermatologist, dedicated tattoo removal clinics, beauty therapist even the back rooms of tattoo studios, the cost can vary hugely. But overall the Laser tattoo removal cost depends on the size, colour and placement of the tattoo. Black ink tattoo generally takes between 6-8 sessions to remove and 3-4 sessions to fade for a good cover up. Coloured inks can take 3-5 extra sessions.

The average cost per laser tattoo removal treatment based on approximate size is:

  • 2cm x 2cm – $65
  • 6cm x 4cm – $90 
  • 9cm x 9cm – $180
  • 15cm x 10cm – $270
  • 1/2 A4 – $360
  • A4 – $630
  • A4+ – Custom Price

Initial Consultations – Laser tattoo removal Melbourne

The tattoo needs to be assessed for depth, darkness, amount of ink and is usually free of charge at most clinics. If a test patch is performed this may be free or may incur a fee and which can be deducted off the price of your first full treatment. The health, medications and skin type of he individual will also be discussed at length. This is critical, as all these factors can influence the way the skin reacts to laser or light therapies …… blisters, bleeding, ulcers, crusting, infection and burning can result. So test spots and detailed questionaire are critical.

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