How many Laser tattoo treatments are required to remove tattoo?

Each person is unique as is their tattoo. Most professional tattoos take 6 to 10 treatments. Home made tattoos take 2 to 4 treatments. Laser sessions are spaced out 6 – 8 weeks apart or longer. This allows the body time to flush away the finer bits of ink the Laser has created during the treatment.

The number of Tattoo removal treatments depends on ….

The number of treatments depends on – the amount of ink used, the type of ink, the depth of ink placed in skin, the location on the body, the age of the tattoo, the age of the person, the tattoo ink colors used, and each person’s individual health considerations. Check our Before/After images here.

Fotona QX max Tattoo removal Laser

The Fotona QX max Laser is the most powerful, best made laser system in the world, decreasing your treatment sessions to as little as half most other laser tattoo removal machines out there.

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