Fotona Qx Max Laser – Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne

Fotona Qx Max Laser – Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne

It’s no surprise the laser is successfully used for removing all different types of tattoos and pigmented lesions from the body. At Doff & Flux, we choose to use Fotona Qx Max Laser – Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne

Fotona Qx Max Laser Treatment

Fotona Qx laser is known for being the most advanced Q-switched laser that does great job at removing pigmented lesions and tattoos. When this type of laser is used, high energies are generated to the tattooed area. Fotona Qx laser makes it possible for a tattoo removalist to remove all types of pigments (lighter pigments as well as darker pigments) and tattoo inks of all colors (red, purple, blue, green, orange and red). The laser makes the cosmetic laser tattoo removal process safer, faster, more effective and more affordable.

Tattoo Removal Services in Melbourne

At Doff & Flux, we specialize in different types of tattoo removal treatments. Our Melbourne city tattoo removal clinic provides sleeve tattoos, wrist tattoos, tramp stamps, skank flanks, script, eyebrow tattoo removal, eyeliner tattoo removal, chest tattoo removal as well as lipliner tattoo removal.

Before the laser tattoo removal you’ll get an initial consultation. A tattoo removalist will analyze your tattooed area carefully and tell you how many sessions you need to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. After that, a specialist will recommend you an appropriate tattoo fading treatment. Finally, you’ll know the exact price of tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Melbourne Costs

Tattoo removal price depends on the type of tattoo, the size of tattooed area, the number of sessions and other factors. The tattoo removal treatment cost for lipliner tattoo or eyebrow tattoo = $225 per session (or $600 for 3 sections). The tattoo removal cost for eyeliner tattoo removal = $450 per session (or $1225 for 3 sections). In order to get more details on tattoo removal costs or tattoo removal price for other types of treatments, book an appointment with our tattoo removalist in Melbourne!

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