Cosmetic Laser Tattoo Removal for Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Liner

Cosmetic Laser Tattoo Removal for Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Liner

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoos have become increasingly popular, and as such, so has their removal. The permanent or semi-permanent nature of these tattoos can lead to frustration, as fashion inevitably evolves, and a client can be left with an outdated or unwanted statement permanently staining the skin. The best and most effective solution to cosmetic tattoos is cosmetic laser tattoo removal. The process requires knowledge and skill, as the laser tattoo removal process is performed on some of the body’s most delicate areas – eyelids, eyebrows and lips. Cosmetic laser tattoo removal will target only the tattoo pigment, with surrounding skin not affected. 

Cosmetic Laser Tattoo Removal Process

There can be many variables in cosmetic laser tattoo removal, including skin type, condition of the skin, and intensity and ingredients in the pigment used. All these factors will be taken into consideration during your consultation, and a cosmetic tattoo removal plan will be developed. Cosmetic laser tattoo removal, especially the removal of permanent eyeliner, requires a great deal of care, since we’re dealing with not just delicate tissue, but areas of the face that are close to important structures, such as your eyes. A detailed treatment plan will be fully discussed before any removal begins to ensure you completely understand the process. We ensure that proper safety measures are always in place, and our practitioners are highly skilled and experienced. It can take from one to five sessions for complete cosmetic laser tattoo removal, and it is likely during the removal process that the tattoo may temporarily turn brown or even darken. This most often occurs after the first or second treatment due to the oxidisation of the iron in the ink and will disappear along with the tattoo in the coming sessions.

Precision Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

There is also the option of precision cosmetic tattoo removal, where only a specific portion of the tattoo is removed. This might be most appropriate if the original tattooist made a mistake, or a part of, say, an eyebrow has lost its charm.

Precision cosmetic tattoo removal has no effect on the surrounding skin or the rest of the cosmetic tattoo. Certain sections of an eyebrow tattoo may be removed to achieve a different look or to tidy up smudges. Your precision cosmetic tattoo removal can be discussed with your tattoo removal specialist at your consultation.

Cosmetic tattoo removal Cost

Eyebrow tattoo removal $225 per session or 3 sessions for $600

Lipliner tattoo removal $225 per session or 3 sessions for $600

Eyeliner tattoo removal $450 per session or 3 sessions for $1225

Other cosmetic tattoo removal … freckles, full lips, eyeshadow please book an appt ONLINE or call 96630845 to discuss.

Removing Cosmetic Tattoos

The pigment used in cosmetic tattoos is different to other tattoos, and can be harder to remove. This is why you need a specialist cosmetic laser tattoo removalist, with the best techniques and lasers. Don’t let an amateur try to remove your cosmetic tattoos.

Doff & Flux in Melbourne has a team of highly skilled eyecare specialist and experienced laser practitioners who specialise in cosmetic laser tattoo removal. An initial consultation will be set up prior to treatments, where your skin and the tattoo will be assessed and a plan for removal will be made just for you. For more information about cosmetic laser tattoo removal

in Melbourne,                   contact Doff & Flux.

2 sessions eyeliner tattoo removal … very happy

4 sessions
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