Complete tattoo removal is a process through which the tattoo is completely removed and the affected skin area is freed from the tattoo. Laser tattoo removal is a gradual process and treatments are repeated until the tattoo is removed.There are a number of factors that affect the duration of tattoo removal sessions as well as the number of sessions needed to remove the tattoo entirely. These factors include the size of the tattoo, the area of the tattoo, condition of the skin as well as the colours, potency and depth of the tattoo. Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions may take between five to twenty minutes and, depending on the factors mentioned above, the frequency of sessions may be between six to ten weeks.

Assessing & Planning Tattoo Removal Treatments

There are a number of factors that must be considered in the case of tattoo removal. The obvious characteristics include the shape, size, location and the surrounding area of the tattoo while there are hidden factors that may include the depth, or penetration, of the ink into the skin as well as the evenness of the ink in the layers of the skin. Professionally applied tattoos penetrate deeper into the skin at an even level while amateur tattoos may penetrate into the skin at varying levels. These factors determine the frequency, length and duration of tattoo removal and fading sessions.

Precision Laser Tattoo Removal

Precision tattoo removal is a form of complete removal of a part of portion of a tattoo. Often, clients ask for a particular part of a tattoo to be removed such as names or shapes they no longer desire to carry on their tattoo. Clients who seek to have a portion of a tattoo removed undergo the same treatment as mentioned above, however, we would carry out precision removal targeting only the area containing the tattoo part to be removed. Precision Tattoo Removal is also affected by the colour, potency and depth of the tattoo and may, therefore, vary in sessions and overall treatment duration.

Tattoo Fading

We also offer tattoo fading. This option is recommended for clients who are considering a cover-up tattoo over and existing tattoo. Tattoo fading prepares your skin, so that your new tattoo is not compromised by the older one…Tattoo fading treatment needs less sessions and can cost significantly less than a complete tattoo removal. We can work with your tattoo artist to fade off certain areas of the original tattoo to ensure your new tattoo looks great.

“Great clinic, very helpful from the first call. I was given all the options, the prices are totally reasonable.”

Ms L – Melbourne
“So glad I came across this place, have had great results with each session removing a large coloured tattoo. Paul is very friendly and professional, and the clinic is always clean. Prices are affordable, sessions are quick and always running on time.” Ms S – Melbourne