Melbourne Tattoo Fade Off and Melbourne Tattoo Cover up 

Tattoo Fade Off and Tattoo Cover up in Melbourne

I watched the show “tattoo nightmares” recently. You know the show where someone has a small badass tattoo that they hate or no longer like, so they approach a tattoo artist to get a “magical” tattoo cover up done. Now, we do see a lot of great, amazing tattoo cover ups. However we also more often get the “Badass” tattoo cover up. The quality of the tattoo cover up is compromised by the existing tattoo. The clients are like “Why didn’t just do a tattoo fade off and cover up?”

Melbourne Tattoo fade off

Regardless of the colour used in a tattoo, its the black ink that makes the tattoo stand out more than any colour. Black ink generally takes between 3-5 sessions to fade off. Then, this gives you more flexibility to choose your next tattoo to cover the now faded tattoo without having to worry about dark lines sticking out or having to go extra large tattoo cover up. We can also work with your tattoo artist to fade off certain areas only to minimize the cost.

Melbourne Tattoo Cover Up

The skin can be re tattooed one month after the last laser session. What’s also amazing, is the “original” tattoo continues to fade 6 -12 months after the last session. And of course the fresh Tattoo cover up is completely unaffected by the previous laser tattoo removal treatments. Happy days!

If you hate your tattoo, but are serious about your tattoos, don’t leave your new tattoo to chance. Call 9663 0845 and the Doff team will explain and guide you through the tattoo fade off and tattoo cover up process. Located in Melbourne CBD for your convenience.


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