Melbourne Cosmetic Laser Tattoo Removal requires knowledge and skill as it is often performed on delicate areas of the body including eyebrows and lips. Safety and patience are key to successful cosmetic laser tattoo removal. It is a fact that people who are dissatisfied with cosmetic tattoos are affected emotionally and psychologically by their dislike of the tattoos. They are often eager to have their cosmetic tattoos removed as quick as possible. We feel rewarded when we help them rid their unwanted permanent tattoo eyebrows, eye liner and lip liner and lip colour tattoos. Cosmetics …


Melbourne Tattoo Fade Off and Melbourne Tattoo Cover up 

Tattoo Fade Off and Tattoo Cover up in Melbourne

I watched the show “tattoo nightmares” recently. You know the show where someone has a small badass tattoo that they hate or no longer like, so they approach a tattoo artist to get a “magical” tattoo cover up done. Now, we do see a lot of great, amazing tattoo cover ups. However we also more often get the “Badass” tattoo cover up. The quality of the tattoo cover up is compromised by the existing tattoo. The clients are like “Why didn’t just do a tattoo fade off and cover up?”



Melbourne Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Process and Success

Melbourne Eyeliner tattoo removal process, is a very specific, delicate procedure. Obviously, laser treatments around the eye requires the utmost safety and an experienced laser practitioner. As an optometrist, I have been involved in laser eye vision correction for the last 23 yrs and began laser tattoo removal 8yrs ago.

Melbourne Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Process

The treatment involves placing a metal eyeshield or contact lens in the eye. This shield is impenetrable to laser and protects the eye. Anaesthetic eye drops are used to anaesthetise the surface of the eye, so the shield is comfortable. An anaesthetic gel for the …


Melbourne Laser tattoo removal cost. How Much $$$!

Laser tattoo removal cost Melbourne

Laser tattoo removal cost in Melbourne varies from clinic to clinic. And with tattoo removal available throughout Melbourne at dermatologist, dedicated tattoo removal clinics, beauty therapist even the back rooms of tattoo studios, the cost can vary hugely. But overall the Laser tattoo removal cost depends on the size, colour and placement of the tattoo. Black ink tattoo generally takes between 6-8 sessions to remove and 3-4 sessions to fade for a good cover up. Coloured inks can take 3-5 extra sessions.

The average cost per laser tattoo removal treatment based on approximate size is:

How does Melbourne Laser tattoo removal work ? Tattoo removal process?

When you get a tattoo, tattoo ink particles are deposited into the skin. Even though it is foreign matter and the body does not want it there, the ink remains in the skin for life because the ink particles are too big for the bodies immune system to remove.

How does Melbourne Laser Tattoo removal work?

Immediately after a tattoo is treated with the Fotona Qx Max laser, the tattoo turns white or “frosts” over. This means the tattoo ink has absorbed the laser energy and shattered the ink into finer particles. In doing so, the ink releases a little …


Melbourne Tattoo Removal AfterCare – Dos and Don’ts

Tattoo Removal AfterCare

Laser tattoo removal aftercare is normally straightforward, however it may impact on your regular lifestyle routine for 24-48 hours.  Immediately after your laser tattoo removal session, your skin will feel warm and tender and may have a sunburn tingling sensation. The tattoo may have turned white, which will not last longer than one hour. Some may also experience bruising, swelling and prolonged redness in the area. Other possible outcomes include blisters, bleeding, crusting and scabbing. In these situations, apply antiseptic cream and cover the area with a sterile dressing until the area settles, generally 1-2 days.





So you have a tattoo that you would like to have removed or faded..? Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most efficient treatment to remove your unwanted tattoo. Visit or call Doff&Flux laser tattoo removal today to discuss your laser tattoo removal treatment plan and cost estimate.

We use the World Class, Medical Grade, Fotona Qx Max Laser. Fotona have been making Medical grade lasers since 1964, the most experienced developers of high-technology laser systems. Our experienced Laser tattoo removal practitioners have been removing tattoos since 2011.

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